Jerome Orphe (США)


“I'm an enlightened man in an ever smaller world (amazing how exciting and rich things are when you get off of your comfort zone). I'm originally from Florida (USA). Unlike most people, I'm not a flag-carrier. I'm not a fanatic who loves to display the "stars and stripes" everywhere I go in the world; although I am grateful for where I’ve come from, and how I’ve become to be. Since 2011, I’ve taught English both in Kazakhstan and Russia. I have travelled throughout the Russian Federation since 2009. From the best of schools, to the not-so-best of schools, I have helped to improve the linguistic skills of many people of all ages throughout my short time in Russia. And there was also a great deal of adversity along the way. After 8 years of mostly teaching in Kazakhstan, I’m starting a new lease on life in the Russian Federation - in an attempt to redeem myself. I love trying to push some new ideas through, to get pupils motivated. I've always had a fascination with Russia since childhood. I visited Moscow in 2009 (which was the first city outside of the US I've ever visited). It was only for a few days but my experience in Moscow has been mixed. Despite some setbacks, however, I've always have an infatuation with the Russian culture and the people in general.”